Cheap storage solutions is our business 

We are your cheap storage solution on the westbank of New Orleans and for greater New Orleans as well.  Check out our rates as compared to our competitors on the westbank in the chart below. Why go anywhere else? If you want to save money check us out so you can start saving today.  

Annual Savings

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We truly offer you a better cheap storage solution

We offer rates for Westbank Self Storage that save you up to 27% on your self storage costs.  But it gets even better because we offer 2 free months for the first year when you sign a 12-month agreement (*You receive the seventh and twelfth months free for the first year of a one-year contract). That means even more savings are possible as we show in our chart above.

If you add up the savings you will see how nice your savings can be. For example, with our 5 x 10 cheap storage solution you save $290 in the first year and $192 for every following year. In two years that equals $482 dollars of savings in 24 months. For the larger units your savings get even better.

For the 10 foot by 30 foot unit you can save $1414 in 24 months. That's a lot of savings anybody can use. For example, with $1,400 in savings, you could purchase a nice flat screen TV, a new computer, or maybe pay for that nice vacation you've been dreaming about. Or perhaps you want to use your savings to pay your cell phone bill, your car insurance bill, or maybe you can pay for that house remodeling project you've always wanted.

Whatever your decision, we know that saving you money is a blessing. 

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Largest Storage Units On the Westbank of New Orleans

By the way, did you know we offer the largest storage units on the westbank of New Orleans? We offer 20 foot by 30 foot self storage units for only $259 per month. We don't show it in our charts above because there's nothing to compare them to but we wanted you to they are available and they're offered at a reasonable price.

They're perfect for storing your larger items, large households, or for commercial products. We don't have a lot of them available so contact us as soon as possible to help ensure your reservation.  

Call us today at 504- 392-2201 to start your savings.

Westbank Self Storage - Your Cheaper Storage Solution