10X15 Storage Units

We have dozens of 10x15 storage units ready for you that are safe, secure, and reasonably priced - the cheapest prices on the West Bank.

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Is a 10x15 Storage Unit Right For You?

For this price and this size, you can almost run your entire business from this storage room! This 150 square feet unit can house almost your entire inventory. This unit will certainly fit a number of files and office furniture. This unit can also store the contents of a three-bedroom apartment if you are relocating or just trying to make your home feel less cramped. This size storage is an efficient and affordably priced 150 square feet unit. You can estimate to fit about 400 legal size boxes in this unit.

Whether you are looking to store inventory or business files, selling a home, planning to relocate, or hoping to make more space, Westbank Self Storage is the perfect solution for customers that want to store their items for an affordable price. We offer customers flexible size units, a safe space to store their property, and lockable spaces on a self-service basis. Unlike portable storage or door-to-door storage, self-storage customers have full access to the units. You will not need to make any appointments in advance to access your rented space.

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